AFTERPARTY is an explosive mix of never-before- seen horror and action in the slasher genre that will make the adrenaline pump in teenagers the world over.


Slasher / 2012 / Spanish / Completed / Spain





Carlos, a TV star and teen idol, is invited to a wild party packed with girls and excesses of all kinds. The morning after, he wakes up trapped in a sinister house with three girls that he had several encounters with the previous night. With communication cut off and escape impossible, they come to realize that they are not alone in this house and they may never be able to escape.






Miguel Larraya



Miguel Larraya, Fernando Sancristóbal



Tomás Cimadevilla (Game of Werewolves)

Álvaro Augustin (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Orphanage)


Director of Photography

Pablo Rosso (REC, REC 2, REC 3)


Special Effects Supervisor

Isidro Jiménez (Game of Werewolves, Extraterrestrial)



Lucas Vidal (The Cold Light of Day, Sleep Tight, The Raven)


Luís Fernández (XP3D, 3 Meters Above the Sky)


Úrsula Corberó (XP3D)


Alicia Sanz