PUZZLED LOVE was dreamed up in the senior year directing workshop at ESCAC, Barcelona’s film school and breeding ground to such talents as J.A. Bayona (THE IMPOSSIBLE, THE ORPHANAGE) and Kike Maíllo (EVA).

Thirteen directing students joined forces in an unprecedented undertaking: the joint direction of a feature. Each one would write and direct his or her part. The sum of the 13 pieces would constitute a feature- length film: PUZZLED LOVE. The aspirations of over 150 participants have converged here in a project that catches the eye for its spontaneity, its daring, its brashness and its originality.

The idea behind PUZZLED LOVE was as compelling and brazen as it was a suicide mission. Few guidelines were set. The directors were to adhere to a narrative line, but had no bounds in terms of style or direction. Every piece, one for each month of the year, had to pulsate with personality and imagination, but also to stand on its own. At first, no one thought it would be possible, but through conviction, the love of art and the project’s spunk, the impossible was achieved.




"'Puzzled Love' is one of the best Spanish movies I’ve seen in a very long time."
J.A. Bayona (The Orphanage, The impossible)

13 months, 13 directors, 1 love story

Genre: Romance

Year: 2011

Status: Completed

Language: Spanish



Sun and Lucas are Erasmus exchange students in Barcelona. They fall head over heels in love, but their romance has an expiration date. In one year, they’ll have to go back home. Until it’s goodbye, they’ve got 13 months to live the best year of their lives.




Idea And Project’s Direction: Lluís Segura

Directors & Scriptwriters: Pau Balagué, Carlos Pérez-Reche, Gemma Ferraté,  Josecho De Linares, Alejandro Javaloyas,  Bruno Sarabia, Javier Sanz, Alba Giralt, Eduard Riu, Miriam Cañamares, Irene C. Rodriguez, Gaby Amione, Marc Juvé

Photography Directors: Albert Murillo, Daniel Fernández Abelló, J. Ivan Romero, Alex A. Antolino, Cristina Martin, Joan Martorell, Ivan Rubio, Samuel Hernandez

Line Producer: Artiz Cirbian
Unit Production Manager: Raquel González-Cimas, Sofía Pérez Portabella
Assistant Director: Alexia Bas

Art Directors: Leo Ayuso, Alba Bravo, Victor Santacana, Alex Principal, Alba “Bux”, Laura Beltrán, Andrea Seoane, Hodei Del Barrio, Alfons Ferran, Martín Valverde

Art Coordinator: Rosa Subirà

Editors: Pau Luzón, Bernat Udina, Antonio Gómez-Pan, Pol Marró, Toni Majó, Pau Carrasco, Cinta Nakatsuka, Irene C. Rodríguez, Gerard G. De Pando

Edit Coordination: Xavi Domínguez, Pau Luzón

Hairdresser: Leire Sánchez
Make-Up: Xavi Valverde
Coordination And Sound Edit: Marta Cunill


Sun: Saras Gil

Lucas: Marcel Borrás (For The Good of Others, 3 Meters Above the Sky, Yellow)