THE PATH is a psychological thriller directed by big screen first-timer Miguel Ángel Toledo, who co-wrote the script with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.


Shot entirely in the snow, the film exudes an air of tension that will take the spectator to the limit.


Genre: Psychological Thriller

Year: 2011

Status: Completed

Language: Spanish



RAÚL, in a desperate attempt to salvage his marriage with ANA, suggests spending Christmas in a remote cabin in the mountains, together with their seven-year-old son, NICO. When Ana and Nico make friends with one of the locals, SAMUEL, Raúl becomes insanely jealous. He tries to get rid of the intruder but discovers, to his despair, that Ana and Samuel have been meeting on their own and seem to share some kind of secret. Raúl decides to invite Samuel to dinner on Christmas Eve, planning to expose their affair, but the evening comes and goes without conflict.


That night, Raúl has a nightmare in which he witnesses his family’s involvement in a bloody incident. On awakening, he discovers, to his relief, that Ana is innocent and that the secret meetings were to organize a surprise gift for him.


But something isn’t quite right. Looking back over the photos of that holiday, Raúl realizes that some of them show situations that he doesn’t remember ever happening. Now, Raúl will have to take a sinister trip down memory lane and face up to the terrible reality.

Director: Miguel Ángel Toledo

Scriptwriters: Miguel Ángel Toledo and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later)

Producers: Ximo Pérez and Pepón Sigler

Executive Producers: Marife de Rueda and Victoria Alberca

Director of Photography: Miguel Llorens

Art Director: Pepón Sigler

Production Manager: Maria José Rocher

Music Composer: Josep Vicent

Make-Up: Vicen Beti

Costume Designer: Miguel Carbonell

Sound: Daniel Soriano

Editor: Miguel Ángel Villa

Assistant Director: Falele Ygueravide
Production Companies: The Green Star Films; Era Visual Pca, SL; Totem Producciones; Castafiore Films; Tornasol Films



Gustavo Salmerón (Body Confusion)

Irene Visedo (The Devil's Backbone)

Ricardo Tenor

Ariel Castro

Joan Prades

Raquel Escribano