Selected in Berlin Film Festival's PANORAMA section, Eduardo Casanova's impressive debut, SKINS, produced by Álex de la Iglesia, boasts stunning art direction and a romping story that breaks taboos. The impeccable sensitivity shown by Casanova in this controversial and outlandish reflection on rejection and denial is sure to distinguish the director as a remarkable breakthrough auteur with a unique trademark. 


Black Comedy / Spain / 2017 / Spanish / 78 min. 




Our physical appearance conditions us toward society, whether or not have chosen it. SKINS is the story of physically different people who, for that very reason, have been forced into hiding, into becoming recluses, or joining together. Samantha, a woman whose digestive system is backwards, Laura, a girl with no eyes, and Ana a woman with a deformed face. Lovely characters struggling to find themselves in a society that only understands one physical form and that excludes and mistreats anyone different.  






Eduardo Casanova (Eat my Shit)



Álex de la Iglesia (My Big Night, The Bar)

Carolina Bang (My Big Night, The Bar)

Kiko Martínez (Shrew's Nest)





Ana Polvorosa (My Big Night)


Candela Peña (Kiki: Love to Love)


Carmen Machi (Spanish Affair 1&2)


Jon Kortajarena (A Single Man