From the producers of Blancanieves comes NIGHT TALES, a six-tale film about love and chance. NIGHT TALES travels through one night in the lives of an original line-up of characters, portrayed by some of the best Spanish actors, leaving behind a feel-good trail of optimism and a thoughtful reflection on modern love.


Premiere at Malaga Film Festival. 


Theatrical Release by Sony. 


Dramatic Comedy / Spain / 2016 / Spanish / 93 min.





A big city. A hot summer night. Several love stories crisscross in 6 different vehicles: two cars, an ambulance, a taxi, a bus and a tractor-trailer. Each vehicle is loaded with the protagonists’ life’s baggage: two teens in a convertible looking for a thrill, a cab driver wounded by betrayal, a trucker in love for the first time with a woman with a sad past, a lover hardened in bygone battles, a nurse who doesn’t know how to forget, a woman abandoned with no reason given and a wife tired of waiting. All of them will be dragged in the same direction without realizing their lives are connected.







Manuela Burló Moreno (Girls' Night Out)


Production Companies

Arcadia Motion Pictures (Blancanieves)

Atresmedia Cine (Palm Trees in the Snow)




Carmen Machi (Broken Embraces)


Karra Elejalde (Even the Rain)


Pilar López de Ayala (Intruders)


Miki Esparbé (Requirements to be a Normal Person)


Ernesto Alterio (The Other Side of the Bed)