HEROES WANTED is a hilarious and frenetic action comedy which presents the most disorganised and disastrous secret force. From the top production companies of the Zip & Zap saga and Ghost Graduation, this funny and highly entertaining story is penned by the writers of the latter.


More than 1M admissions in Spain!


Action Comedy / 2016 / Spanish / Completed / Spain





There’s a special ops group so secret that no one knows of its existence, made up of the best of the worst and led by chaos, disorganization and klutziness. Yet these are the chosen ones sent to save their country from a violent attack before it’s too late. You never knew who held your safety in their hands. Now you’ll wish you never found out.







Joaquín Mazón


Production Companies

Mod Producciones (Zip & Zap)

AtresMedia Cine (Marshland, Palm trees in the Snow)






María León (Carmina & Amén)


Miki Esparbé (Requirements to be a normal person)


Jordi Sánchez (It's now or never)


Carlos Areces (I'mso excited!)


 Silvia Abril (Spy Time)