TIGER is a high-octane sex-fueled boxing drama featuring Leo Sbaraglia, one of the biggest acting names in Argentina. TIGER plunges the audience into the world of boxing through an ardent love story of sex and self-improvement.


A visually intense quality film for a global audience.



Erotic drama / 2016 / Spanish / Completed / Argentina-Italy



Ramón Alvia aka Tiger is a professional boxer. He's won several international bouts, but now he's almost forty and is at the end of his career. His wife and kids want him to retire and do some other kind of work. Not Tiger. He feels young, like he could keep going. Of all the young boxers down at the gym, there's one who captures Ramon's gaze: Deborah, beautiful and fierce. 


Seduced by her wild strength, Tiger gets his vigor back. He leaves his family and takes on his manager. The lovers go off on their own, giving themselves up to a passionate relationship where pleasure and pain are intimately linked and the violence increases in every round. 







Hernán Belón (In the Open)


Production Companies

Cactus Cine (Beirut, Buenos Aires, Beirut)





Leonardo Sbaraglia (Wild Tales)


Eva de Dominici


Erica Banchi


Osmar Núñez (Wild Tales)