WE NEED TO TALK is a fresh and funny multi-couple rom-com from the producers of the hits Palm Trees in the Snow and Marshland. Penned by the writer of the Spanish Affair saga, WE NEED TO TALK is the feel-good story about the world financial crisis that we’ve all been looking for.


Theatrical release 26th of February. 


Romantic Comedy / 2016 / Spanish / Completed / Spain



Nuria has it all: a job she loves, a marvelous home and a boyfriend who is just as marvelous and who has just asked her to marry him. Her only problem is Jorge, the ex-husband who she still hasn’t divorced despite having separated two years ago. Jorge, on the other hand, is down and out: he’s unemployed, lives in a ramshackle apartment and still hasn’t got over his break-up from Nuria.


Nuria doesn’t want to send Jorge off the deep end by asking for a divorce so, first, she’ll try to cheer him up by making him believe that she has found him a job, hiding her new boyfriend from him and even trying to get her recently separated parents back together again for a few days. It doesn’t sound easy, but then again, with an ex nothing ever is. 








David Serrano (Football Days)



Diego San José (Spanish Affair 1 & 2)

David Serrano (The Other Side of the Bed



Jose Antonio Felez (Marshland)

Mikel Lejarza (Family United)

Mercedes Gamero (Palm Trees in the Snow)




Hugo Silva (My Big Night, Witching & Bitching)


Michelle Jenner (Julieta)


Verónica Forqué (Kika)


Óscar Ladoire (Friend Zone)


Belén Cuesta (Spanish Affair 2)


Ernesto Sevilla (Spanish Movie