The highest-grossing Spanish film ever continues with SPANISH AFFAIR 2!! As funny and surprising as its prequel, the sequel is packed with enough adventure and laughter to make it an international comedy that could smash box-offices the world over. 


Best opening of 2015, raking in 72% of the total Box Office in Spain!



Spanish Affair 2 took the 9th overall global Rentrak ranking with a Spain-only opening weekend.


Highest grossing movie in Spain in 2015!


5M admissions and counting!


Romantic Comedy / 2015 / Spanish / Completed / Spain

Spanish Release: November 20th by Universal (500 screens)




Koldo’s Basque nationalist alarm hits Defcon-3 when he finds out his daughter Amaia is planning on marrying a foreigner.

Even worse, the man is A CATALAN, “Those people who think they’re less Spanish than even the Basque do!” That really gets him, so he gathers his courage and crosses the Basque border all the way down to southern Spain in search of Rafa. 

To convince him, Koldo sneaks into Seville’s procession that carries the statue of the Holy Mary throughout town.

Disaster abounds and just before the statue can shatter to the ground, Rafa agrees to Koldo’s insane proposal: they’ll go to Catalonia, he’ll pretend to be Catalan, he’ll lead the new Catalan nationalism movement... whatever it takes, because the truth is, he’s still in love with Amaia. 






Emilio Martínez-Lázaro (Spanish affair)



Ghislain Barrois (Spanish Affair, Tad: The Lost Explorer)

Álvaro Augustin (Spanish Affair, The Impossible)

Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson (Spanish Affair)


Dani Rovira (It's Now or Never, Spanish Affair)


Clara Lago (Spanish Affair, I Want You)


Karra Elejalde (Even the Rain, Biutiful)


Carmen Machi (Spanish AffairI’m so Excited!)


Berto Romero (Spy Time, Three Many Weddings)


Rosa Maria Sardà (Take My Eyes, All About my Mother)