From the producers of the international box-office hits Cell 211 and Red Lights, and starring Luis Tosar (Cell 211, Sleep Tight), RETRIBUTION is an action-packed, car-chase thriller that will have the audience on the edge of their seats.


6 nominations to the Feroz Awards including Best Drama Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Luís Tosar), Best Supporting Actor (Javier Gutiérrez), Best Supporting Actress (Elvira Mínguez) and Best Trailer.  


500,000 admissions in Spain. 


8 Nominations to the Spanish Academy Goya Awards for Best Actor (Luís Tosar), Supporting Actress (Elvira Mínguez), Breakthrough Director (Dani de la Torre), Original Screenplay, Line Production, Editing, Sound Design and Special Effects. 


Action, Thriller / 2015 / Spanish, English / Spain / Completed



Carlos is an unscrupulous banker and a family man who takes his kids to school. This morning, when he turns his keys in the ignition, a cellphone rings somewhere inside the car. When they finally find it, the man on the other end demands a half million euros. When Carlos refuses, the blackmailer informs him of the bombs places under their seats. If they try to escape the car, if he even slows down too much, the bomb will go off. His only way out is to comply. Trapped, Carlos' deadly nightmare begins. Stalked by a psychopath and hunted by the police in a high-voltage car chase, Carlos uses every dirty business trick he knows and challenges the little professional ethics he's got left in this frantic attempt to save them all.






Dani de la Torre



Emma Lustres (Cell 211)

Borja Pena (Cell 211)

Mercedes Gamero (I Want You)

Mikel Lejarza (Marshland)



Alberto Marini (Sleep Tight)



Luis Tosar (Cell 211, Sleep Tight)


Elvira Mínguez (Che: Part One)


Fernando Cayo (The Skin I live in, The Orphanage)


Javier Gutiérrez (Marshland)


Goya Toledo (Love Dogs)