TORO is a hyper-realistic action movie from talented Goya Award winning director Kike Maíllo, (Eva), starring Mario Casas (I want You, Unit 7), Luis Tosar (Cell 211, Sleep tight) and José Sacristán (Magical Girl).


The film is produced by Apaches Entertainment (The Impossible), Atresmedia Cine (I Want You, Red Lights), Zircocine (Operation-E) and Escádalo Films (Eva).


TORO is a frenetic action thriller that deals with survival in the most literal sense. A gripping story, driven by pure drama. 


TORO takes stylish films like A Prophet, Drive or The Yellow Sea as a reference.


Action / Spain / 2015 / English, Spanish / 97 min.




Toro is completing a two-year sentence in prison for a robbery where he seriously wounded a police officer, a crime he committed with his brothers Antonio and López. In their escape,Toro lost control of the vehicle and crashed, causing the death of his brother Antonio. The other brother, López, managed to escape and disappeared from Toro’s life completely.

Five years later, Toro receives an unexpected visit from his brother and his 11-year old daughter, Diana. Lopez owes a lot of money to Rafael Romano, a dangerous gangster, and asks Toro for help. Toro’d kept clear of his brother and he knows that having him close again can only bring trouble, or even put his future at risk. He finally acquiesces when he realizes that not only is his brother’s life at risk, but so is that of his niece, with whom he has established a loving and respectful relationship.

Turned into a little family on the run, Toro, López and Diana head out on a frantic, violent and wild escape, a trip that winds up being much more dangerous than at first it seemed, where gangster Romano’s dangerous tentacles intertwine with old wounds, the sudden appearance of money needing to be robbed and the resolution of a family secret that Toro knew nothing about.








Kike Maíllo (Eva)



Enrique López-Lavigne (The Impossible)

Belén Atienza (Pan’s Labyrinth)

Mikel Lejarza (Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang)

Farruco Castroman (Operation-E)

Sergi Casamitjana (Eva)




Mario Casas (3 Meters above the Sky, Palm trees in the Snow)


Luis Tosar (Sleep Tight, Cell 211, Retribution)


José Sacristán (Magical Girl)