Nothing more than flowers


Loreak (Flowers) is an intriguing and quietly touching drama which beautifully handles its suspenseful storylines of longing and crossed destinies with echoes of Kieslowski.


"Loreak (Flowers)", by Jon Garaño and José Mari Goenaga ("For 80 Days").


Signis Award Special Mention at San Sebastian International Film Festival


Cine Latino Award Winner at Palm Springs Film Festival



“Performances are up to the mark”, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


"Loreak (Flowers) is elegantly lensed and warm-hearted to the core, without getting sappy. A rare Basque-lingo production that could see a European release.”

Jay Weissberg, VARIETY


Suspense drama / 2014 / Basque / Completed / Spain 



Ane's life takes a turn when a bouquet of flowers is delivered to her house every week, always anonymously. Lourdes and Tere's lives are also affected by some mysterious flowers. A stranger leaves a weekly bouquet in memory of someone important in their lives. Loreak (Flowers) is the story of three women, three lives altered by the mere presence of flowers.






Jon Garaño (For 80 Days)

José Mari Goenaga (For 80 Days)



Xabi Berzosa

Iñaki Gómez

Íñigo Obeso


Josean Bengoetxea (Cell 211)


Nagore Aranburu


Itziar Ituño


Itziar Aizpuru (For 80 Days)


Egoitz Lasa (Spanish Affair)


Ane Gabarain (For 80 Days, Common Wealth)


Jox Berasategi (For 80 Days)