From the producers of the Sundance-winning film To Kill a Man comes
THE BLIND CHRIST a delicate parable, beautifully shot in the stunning Chilean desert. This controversial story is directed by Christopher Murray (Manuel de Ribera), a front runner of the prestigious new wave in Chilean cinema. 


Selected at 73rd Venice Film Festival in Official Competition. 


Selected at the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival in Horizontes Latinos.


Drama / 2016 / Spanish / 91 min / Chile, France 



Michael believes he experienced a divine revelation in the desert when he was a child. His neighbors are incredulous and take him for the town fool ever since. One evening, he gets news that a childhood friend was badly hurt in an accident in a remote village. Michael decides to drop everything to go on a barefoot pilgrimage through the Chilean desert in order to cure his friend with a miracle, a voyage that will traverse the blind desperation of a society in need of faith. 







Christopher Murray


Production Companies

Jirafa (Much Ado About Nothing)

Ciné Sud Promotion (In the Open)




Michael Silva (Neruda)


Pedro Godoy